Research paper - chopin and nocturne in b major

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Final Research Paper - Chopin and Nocturne in B Major

Length: 10-12 pages of text (not including the Bibliography and Endnotes).

 Topics: Chopin Nocturne in B Major and the Man Behind it

The body of the paper

The assignment is to summarize how your piece has been discussed in the literature. The organization of the paper is up to you. What you find will determine what you emphasize, but try to refer, where relevant, to the various topics we have discussed in class:

  • editorial problems resulting from the sources
  • performance issues in your piece
  • the compositional history of the piece (brief if it's not interesting)
  • how the piece has been analyzed
  • critical studies
  • the relevance of gender/feminist studies
  • the reception history of the piece

How much space you devote to each topic will be determined by how interesting the topic is in the case of your piece. You are welcome to give your own perspective, but your starting point in each case should be what the literature says.

Throughout the paper you should refer to the available literature on your piece, as it applies to the topic you are discussing. You may use Endnotes or Footnotes for this.  When you refer to or quote the literature.

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Reference no: EM131319484

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