Research paper aircraft turbine engine

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Research Paper Aircraft turbine engine

This activity will involve researching a concept or component related to the turbine engine lubrication system. The concept can be on the different types of synthetic oils used in turbine engines or an explanation of oil analysis. It can be on a component or operation of the lubrication subsystem. These items are suggestions.

Paper Requirements:

  • Choose something that interests you and captures your curiosity.
  • Using the textbook as a starting point, explore the Internet and the Hunt Library for information to supplement the readings.
  • The research paper will be a minimum of two complete pages 500 words or more with reference page and not to exceed three pages.
  • The paper will be formatted in the current edition of the APA manual:
    • Include double spacing
    • 1 inch margins
    • 12 point font
    • Parenthetical citations
    • Reference page
    • Must be grammatically correct.

Reference no: EM13945497

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