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This assignment is for my organizational research course. To do this question you can make up a places of employment or use mine. I work as an assistant manager to a 53 unit motel. I need this done asap, it is do Sunday, and I have to turn in something. Please do not decline, I will take your best shot at it. I have to pass this course.

Written Assignment 1

Develop the management-research question hierarchy for a management dilemma at your place of employment or at an organization for which you volunteer. Provide an explicit description of the organizational context surrounding the dilemma. List the observable symptoms and the resultant impacts of this dilemma, using some measurable scale (such as money) for the latter. Refine the research question(s) so it (they) is (are) suitable as the foundation of a research proposal.

Grading Criteria
Point Values


Dilemma Description & Organizational Context

Symptoms & Impact

Question Hierarchy (Flow Chart)

Reference no: EM1323627

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