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You will summarize and evaluate one research article on intercultural communication. Articles must contain primary research (not theoretical pieces or reviews of literature). Choose from one of the articles listed below. You will need to find your selection in the course library.

Evaluations should not exceed 2 pages double-spaced, typed, 12 point font. It should be written in third person point of view.

Submit a complete analysis with cover page and reference page formatted in APA style. Cite the article within the paper to support your point.

Cho, J., & Lee, S. (2016). International students' proactive behaviors in the united states: Effects of information- seeking behaviors on school life. Journal of College Student Development, 57(5), 590-603.

Chitakornkijsil, P. (2010). INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION CHALLENGES AND MULTINATIONAL ORGANIZATION COMMUNICATION. International Journal of Organizational Innovation (Online), 3(2), 6-20.

Hinchcliff-Pelias, M., & Greer, N. S. (2004). THE IMPORTANCE OF INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION IN INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION. International Education, 33(2), 5-18.

Kerdchoochuen, J., PhD. (2011). Speaking with A stranger: Intercultural classrooms' tensions and managing strategies. Journal of College Teaching and Learning, 8(9), 9-17.

Hughes, P. C., & Baldwin, J. R. (2002). Black, white, and shades of gray: Communication predictors of stereotypic impressions. Southern Communication Journal, 68, 40-56.

Reference no: EM132280407

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