Research and write a report on caring aids and equipment

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Reference no: EM13995640 , Length: word count:1500

Assessment Guidelines:

Research and write a report on caring aids and equipment. Discuss the clients that would use each piece and how it would benefit the client and the staff. Describe each and outline how they are used correctly.

Include TWO examples in each of the areas:

• Lifts and Hoists

• Mobility aids

• Incontinence aids

• Personal care aids

• Communication aids

Assessment Criteria:

• Comprehensive description of equipment

• Accurate identification of assistance required by the client and correct method of use and who it is suitable for

• Clear recommendations on an effective course of action to better meet the client's needs to include: the benefits to the client

• Evidence of reflective practice: to include the benefits to staff

Clearly label your report. Please submit with this Assessment Brief attached, signed and dated. Keep a copy for your own files

1000-1500 Words

Reference no: EM13995640

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