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Research a Metro Ethernet service that is offered by a vendor in your country (or another country if your country doesn't have Metro Ethernet). Write a one to two (1-2) page paper that describes the service in technical terms. Make sure to include pricing information. You may need to contact the provider to obtain this information.

Reference no: EM1358894

What is meant by a nondeterministic protocol

What is meant by a nondeterministic protocol and what are the various combinations of circuit switched and packet switched networks and connection-oriented and connectionless

Find a code for the source

Using base-3 logarithms, compute the entropy of this source. - Assuming that there are three characters 0,1,2 in the code alphabet, find a code for the source that has avera

Calculate voip traffic load in access trunks to the internet

Calculate VoIP traffic load in access trunks to the Internet and Calculate the access bandwidth required and the number of SIP trunks needed for VoIP calls to the Internet

Advantages and disadvantages of moving to a saas provider

Should SoftArc move to a SaaS provider in order to provide email and office automation services for their employees? What are the advantages and disadvantages of moving to a

Explain the role of the dataset, dataadapter, connection

Explain how commands are sent over a connection and how data is retrieved over that same connection. What do you feel are the strengths and weaknesses of this type of data a

Discuss about the types of topology

Wireless communication, generally, useless three configuration topologies (1) point to point; (2) point to multipoint; and (3) multi-point to point. In this paper, (a) defi

Develop an on-path dns packet injector

The DNS packet injector you are going to develop, named 'dnsinject', will capture the traffic from a network interface in promiscuous mode, and attempt to inject forged resp

List five nonproprietary internet applications

List five nonproprietary Internet applications and the application-layer protocols that they use. What information is used by a process running on one host to identify a proce


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