Research a health care organization or a network
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Research a health care organization or a network that spans several states within the U.S. (Example: United Healthcare, Vanguard, Banner Healthcare, etc.).

Harvard Business Review Online and Hoover''s Company Records, found in the GCU Library, are useful sources. You may also find pertinent information on your organization''s webpage.

Review "Singapore Airlines Case Study."

Prepare a 1,000-1,250-word paper that focuses on the organization or network you have selected.

Your essay should assess the readiness of the health care organization or network in addressing the health care needs of citizens in the next decade, and include a strategic plan that addresses issues pertaining to network growth, nurse staffing, resource management, and patient satisfaction.

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

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United healthcare was established in 1977 with a goal of providing better healthcare services to the people of USA. Currently, United Healthcare is indexed at number 14 in Fortune 500 companies. Since its founding, United Healthcare has made many acquisitions and the network of the United Healthcare is spread throughout the country. United Healthcare has a large customer base in the country while serving 70 million customers. The main reason behind the success of the company is unmatched services on cheaper rate which has made the company a household brand across the country.

Services / Products of United Healthcare

Company has various kinds of products and services to take care the healthcare needs of the people of every segment of the society. Ovations is the company services which was introduced to take care the health care needs of the people over 50. United Healthcare has the services like Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for the people who are not financially strong (Woolhandler, Campbell & Himmelstein, 2013). Under these programs company provide healthcare services to a big segment of the society and helping the people in staying healthy even though they do not have much money. Optum Health is designed to address the healthcare requirements of the employers. United Healthcare provides services to the private organisations as well as public sector organisations.

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