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Assignment Overview

To accomplish the requirements of Case and SLP assignments, it is crucial to study materials in Background section to gain knowledge of the concepts introduced in this module.

Case Assignment

Write a Java program that accomplishes the following tasks:

  • Prompts users to input a number (must be an integer).
  • Calculates the factorial value of the number: for example, if the user keys in "5," the program calculates the result based on the following formula: 5*4*3*2*1; if the input value is "3," the program will calculate 3*2*1.
  • Display the result.
  • Users can press Y to continue or N to exit the program.

After you are done, submit the source code along with screenshots.

Assignment Expectations

  • You are required to apply recursion in the program.
  • The program should accomplish all the tasks in the assignment.

Reference no: EM131339894

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