Requirements for the construction of a database system
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1. Analyse requirements for the construction of a database system based on an understanding of performance issues.

2. Gather and analyse data for database performance and tuning.

3. Configure and tune a database for optimal performance

Task # 1 Submit a work proposal for this assignment by the end of week 4th i.e. 5th ,
November 2016 (11:55 pm) which must include:
- Understanding of deliverables - a detail description of deliverables
- General overview of proposed plan - initial understanding of solution for the task-2 and task-3.
- Resources identified

The work proposal must be submitted in a word file through the link available in Moodle.

Task # 2 Consider you have joined as a Database Administrator in a software development company. You have been assigned the role of designing a new application to be developed.

a) Discuss at least three design areas you would focus to improve the performance of database.

b) Discuss the goals for tuning the server operating system and at least three areas that are normally tuned.

- The solution must be written in a maximum of 4 pages.
- Solution must be in your own words.
- Relevant examples of your own and necessary SQL commands should be given.

Task # 3 The web link to the following Oracle White Paper is given in the college Moodle web page:
Colgan, M., "Oracle Database In-Memory Option", Oracle Corp., 2014.

Discuss how the Oracle database in-memory option is used to improve the performance of analytic queries.

Note: The solution for the task-3 must be given in your own words with relevant examples not exceeding 2 pages. The given white paper is for your reference only and your answer should not be limited to this paper only. You may refer various other resources and provided references for the same..


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Task-2 a) To provide with minimum 3 design areas you would focus to improve the performance of database.This will include the methods and demonstrating the same with help of example.b) To provide with goals for tuning the server operating system and minimum three areas that are normally tuned. We should understand the requirement of performance tuning and where we can implement the same so as to achieve best results.Task-3 To provide with points that state how the Oracle database in-memory option is used to improve the performance of analytic queries ,based on identifying analytic queries .

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After joining as a Database Administrator. One of the my primary responsibilities is to create and manage database user accounts and to grant or revoke access privileges as needed. Users should be able to access or modify only those parts of the database that they need to perform their jobs.

Here are other responsibilities:

• Creating users.
• Assigning the users privileges to connect to the database.
• Plans and implements backup and recovery of the Oracle database.
• Assign privilege to the user to create or modify any table of the database.
• Grant permission Revoke permission to the users.
• Creates and maintains all databases required for development, testing, education and production usage.

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    Evaluate requirements and select appropriate parameters to ensure effective storage management in a database system. Critical Thinking, Analytical, Comparing, Contrasting, Decision-making, Researching, Making judgment about complex issues, Communicate conclusions effectively In this assignment I only want task 2, and 3 Task 3 related to the article in the first attachment. I hope everything is clear. If tutor has any questions or queries he can ask and clarify because later on I don't want any confusion

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    Follow the guidelines mentioned below for your assignment: ? Code developed (Soft Copy) should be included. Assignment must be submitted through Moodle and it will undergo plagiarism detection test through turnitin (a plagiarism detection tool). ? Handwritten assignments / hard copy will not be accepted. ? Use Page Number & proper References. ? Assignment should have a Title Page. Title Page should contain the following information. ? Assignment Name ? Section Name ? Student name ? Student ID Number ? Faculty Name ? The Table of Contents Should have, each deliverable task number, content, page number ? Assignment should be typed in your own words using Times New Roman font size 12. ? Heading should be with Font Size 14, Bold, Underline ? Feedback shall be given in Moodle within one week from the last date of submission of work proposal and final assignment document.

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    Evaluation Criteria: There will be no marks without a viva. Viva will be used as a means to measure the originality of your work. You would be evaluated on the following: • Originality of answer, i.e. writing in your own words with some amount of referenced material. • Oral examination: Your Assignment marks are based on the VIVA which will be conducted upon submission of assignment. The VIVA will be based on the tasks given in the assignment. ZERO marks will be awarded to the student if she / he is absent for VIVA. • Correct information analysis and presentation in document form. • Adequate referencing and citation provided • Examples can be provided if needed

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