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List and explain the three Kantian requirements for a morally right action. Include an explanation of Kant’s “Categorical Imperative” (both versions). Demonstrate that you can apply the view by briefly explaining how a Kantian would answer the question, "Under what conditions, if any is it morally permissible to tell a lie?" Finally, raise one potential problem case for Kantianism.

Reference no: EM13889139

Compensating wage differential between risky jobs-safe jobs

Suppose a drop in the compensating wage differential between risky jobs and safe jobs has been observed. Two explanations have been put forward: The phenomenal success of a ne

What will be the value of the money multiplier

Some economists have advocated replacing government deposit insurance with 100-percent reserve banking. Under this plan, banks would hold all deposits as reserves. What will b

What is the market clearing bertrand price and quantity

Two firms compete in an undifferentiated Bertrand market. Suppose that the firms face a demand curve given by P = 60 – Q and both firms have constant marginal cost of 40. What

What is the central idea of mercantilism and liberalism

Write an essay about each of the IPE perspective has at its center a fundamental value or idea. What is the central idea of mercantilism, of liberalism, and of Marxism?

Graph of the life cycle theory of consumption

Explain the math and graph of the Life Cycle Theory of Consumption. Using this equation and graph of the Life Cycle Theory of Consumption, explain how a consumer would react t

What is the amount of the annual payment

A Japanese car maker plans to expand its production in the United States. The company borrowed $189,969,147 for this expansion at an interest rate of 8% per year. The loan wil

Objected to the rise of monopolies and trusts

Many middle class and working class Americans objected to the rise of monopolies and trusts, although not always for the same reasons. Why did they believe that that these pow

Identify about a dozen combinations

In the equation of exchange, suppose V is stable (constant) with a value of 4, andthe money supply is $200 billion. What combinations of P and Y are possible? Identify about a


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