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Why do you think the requirements analysis process is so difficult? Describe two things you can do to overcome these difficulties.

The requirement analysis process is so difficult because this is the beginning of the process. Oftentimes, this step becomes a mess because the person may not understand the requirements. Or better yet does not have a plan, just image if a company ask you to build a product for, them and, it takes months to complete. The vendor is upset, the person may be removed from the project mainly because lack of a plan and complete understanding of the problem or project.

In short, to overcome these difficulties it is best to "analyze the problem" (Venit, 2004, p. 26). This means determining the inputs and outputs (Venit, 2004, p. 26). Next, decide on the necessary steps or logic to solve the problems. For some people, pictures or flowcharts assist in this step. For others, breaking the problems in individual pieces, subareas, ordinary language or special charts of the program-to-be solve the problem (Venit, 2004, p. 26). Ultimately the difficulties need to be overcome quickly.

In summary, the requirements analysis process is difficult when the person may not understand the problem and lack a plan. To overcome these difficulties, I feel it is best to analyze the problem completely (Venit, 2004, p. 26). Further determine the steps to solve the problem this is better than wasting time.

Reference no: EM13915099

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