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Rae's Bakery makes apple pies. Rae's Bakery plans to bake 2,000 pies in January and 2,500 pies in February. Each pie requires 2 pounds of baking apples. Baking apples cost $0.80 per pound. There will be 400 pounds of apples on hand on the first of January. The company wishes to have 500 pounds of baking apples on hand at the end of January and 300 pounds on hand at the end of February.

How many pounds of apples should Rae's purchase in January?

What is the cost in dollars for the required January purchase of apples?

How many pounds of apples should Rae's purchase in February?

Reference no: EM13146352

To assist users in evaluating the financial position

b. Is intended to substitute for filing income tax returns to the Internal Revenue Service in determining the amount of income taxes owed by a business organization.

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