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Complete an 8- to 10-slide PowerPoint®presentation that represents a comprehensive network design.The presentation should represent an organization's network, including WAN, LAN, and Home User designs. You will combine your topology for the Home User, Company Data Center, Office WAN solution, IP Address schema, and protocols being used.

Scenario: You are a Network Engineer. You have been tasked with a new project for Company X, to evaluate current network solutions and provide recommendations to the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) on how he should design the LAN and WAN and make use of wireless solutions. In addition, Company X has hundreds of virtual workers. You are to make recommendations for those users to ensure they have an efficient home network setup. Consider buildings, distance, and range of network solutions needed.

Ensure the presentation includes:

  • Wired LAN Design
  • WAN Design
  • Protocols Implemented
  • Wireless LAN

The presentation should include speaker notes that provide explanation for all design considerations, including topology choices for WAN and LAN, IP addressing, and protocols.

In addition, a 2- to 3-page Executive Summary is required. The Executive Summary should include an explanation of your solution, justification behind architecture decisions, and a Reference page with a minimum of 4 sources in APA format.

Reference no: EM131171640

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