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1. The _______________ probability distribution can be used to estimate the number of vehicles that go through an intersection during the lunch hour.

a. normal

b. Poisson

c. triangular

d. binomial

2. _______________ act(s) as a representative of the population.

a. The analytics

b. The variance

c. The random variables

d. A sample

Reference no: EM131231812

Under the equal pay act

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Evaluate the data to draw relevant information  - Analyze how your results enhance, support, or change the portions of the OIP you have already developed - Identifying data co

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An order for 200 of a product is processed on work centers A and B. The setup time on A is 30 minutes, and run time is 20 minutes per piece. The setup time on B is 50 minutes,

Technology playing role in shaping business strategy

If the CIO is to be valued as a strategic actor, how can he bring to the table the ethos of alignment, bound to the demands of process strategic planning to move IT to the for


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