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1. Bowles Sporting Inc. is prepared to report the following 2014 income statement (shown in thousands of dollars).

Sales                                                              $15,200                                   Current Yield= Dividend/Stock Price             

Operating costs including depreciation $11,900

EBIT                                                               $3,300

Interest                                                         $300

 EBT                                                               $3,000

Taxes (40%)                                                  $1,200

Net income                                                  $1,800

Prior to reporting this income statement, the company wants to determine its annual dividend. The company has 500,000 shares of common stock outstanding, and its stock trades at $48 per share.

a.The company had a 40% dividend payout ratio in 2013. If Bowles wants to maintain this payout ratio in 2014, what will be its per-share dividend in 2014?

b.If the company maintains this 40% payout ratio, what will be the current dividend yield on the company's stock?

c.The company reported net income of $1 5 million in 2013. Assume that the number of shares outstanding has remained constant. What was the company's per-share dividend in 2013?

d.As an alternative to maintaining the same dividend payout ratio, Bowles is considering maintaining the same per-share dividend in 2014 that it paid in 2013. If it chooses this policy, what will be the company's dividend payout ratio in 2014?

e.Assume that the company is interested in dramatically expanding its operations and that this expansion will require significant amounts of capital. The company would like to avoid transactions costs involved in issuing new equity. Given this scenario, would it make more sense for the company to maintain a constant dividend payout ratio or to maintain the same per-share dividend? Explain.

Reference no: EM131165783

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