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You have been hired as cargo surveyor to attend a VLCC which has completed loading crude oil at an offshore SPM.

The SPM loading arm is fed by a 2 metre diameter undersea pipeline from the storage tanks some 1.5 Kilometres away on the shore.

The VLCC is double hulled and after completing this voyage the ship will proceed to a dry dock to undergo her first five year special survey.

The vessel arrived at the loading berth in ballast after a voyage during which she encountered some severe weather with reports of unusually large swells.

On completion of loading the final figures were disputed by the terminal which claimed to have loaded over 3000t more than the ship claimed to have received.

A report from the Master states the tank recording equipment has always been reliable and that he is again confident in his readings.

a) Describe in detail how you would approach the problem and the preparations you would make. Include in your explanation your initial thoughts with regard to the likely causes of the discrepancy.

b) List the information you will need to assist your investigation and state the communications you will have to make with, for example, the Master, the Terminal authorities and the charterers etc.

c) Write a detailed professional report to the companys senior management explaining the circumstances and giving details of your investigation and the results of your negotiations.

Reference no: EM13865374

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