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Corporate Network Management Assignment Instructions:

Your team's task to develop a list of questions that will provide an objective assessment of an organisation's service operations. Various components of service operations are described in Sections 5.2-5.12 of the ITIL publication ITIL Service Operation(refer list below and see eReading).

You are not required to address all activities listed overleaf. Your team is free to select activities according to following minimum requirements:

  • Each activity is given a weighting indicated by the number in parenthesis (1). Each team member must undertake an activity or activities that total one (1). So it is possible for a single team member to undertake two activities worth 0.5 each. It is also permissible for two team members to cooperatively address a task that has a weighting of two (2) - or three members for an activity with a (3) weighting.
  • The same activity cannot be addressed more than once in each team. For each 0.5 weighting, at least 4 questions should be developed. For example, if an activity is worth 1, at least 8 questions should be developed.
  • The expected level of detail - one question is nominally appropriate for each paragraph that make up the description for each activity but if more is obviously required please use your better judgement. If you are in doubt please ask your academic contact or subject coordinator,

You will be asked to submit a list of questions on eLearning combined with your other team members. Once all work has been graded your questions will be available for everyone on eLearning to use to develop a comprehensive ITIL Service Operation template.

Ch5  Common Service operation activities (available as an eReading)

1. 5.2 - IT Operations

  • Console management/operation bridge (1)
  • Job Scheduling (1)
  • Back-up and restore (3)
  • Print and output management (1)

2. 5.3 - Server and mainframe management and support (2)

3. 5.4 - Network management (2)

4. 5.5 - Storage and archive (1)

5. 5.6 - Database Administration (1)

6. 5.7 - Directory Services Management (1)

7. 5.8 - Desktop and Mobile Support (1)

8. 5.9 - Middleware Management (1)

9. 5.10 - Internet/Web management (1)

10. 5.11 - Facilities and Data Centre Management (3)

11. 5.12 - Operational activities of processes in other life cycle stages

  • Change management (0.5)
  • Service asset and configuration management (0.5)
  • Release and deployment management (0.5)
  • Capacity and performance management (3)
  • Demand management (1)
  • Availability management (1) (Reserved for sample answer below)
  • Knowledge management (0.5)
  • Financial management for IT services (0.5)
  • IT services continuity management (1)
  • Information security management (2)
  • Service level management (0.5)

Availability management

Is the availability of services measured and recorded to enable Availability (RMA) to be measured over time (eg 99.99% or four-nines)?

Is the availability of mission critical services measured and recorded to enable Availability (RMA) to be measured over time (eg 99.99% or four-nines)?

Are there formal procedures that enable staff to report on poor or insufficient availability of services? If so, describe this formal mechanism (e.g. maintenance activities, formal problem reviews, service failure analysis(SFA), component failure impact analysis (CFIA), ongoing service improvement plan (SIP).

Can insufficient or poor availability be attributed to poor design or have factors that have arisen since the design was implemented impacted on availability?

Are there formal procedures by which services can be withdrawn to enable maintenance without interruption to normal business activities?

Attachment:- Assignment

Reference no: EM131443037

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Australian student, It’s a small assignment; need only 8 questions as given in example. Check the word format file for main task, see last page for example. Topic should be from: 5.8 - Desktop and Mobile Support (1) and 5.9 – Middleware Management (1). The purpose of this phase of your group work is to provide a reasonably straightforward exercise that will help you to develop good working relationships with your team members.

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