Report on coco-cola company

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Report on COCO-COLA Company

Student has to write 1200 words.

Write the assignment based on 5 general issues and 5 specific issues of COCO-COLA company.

The structure of the group report should comprise the following elements:

- Title page

o Report title
o Persons for whom the report was written (i.e., your lecturer)
o Persons who prepared and wrote the report (i.e., all members of your group)
o Date of the presentation of the report

- Table of contents

o A list of headings and appendices

- Executive Summary or Abstract (It is a very short brief summing up the following.)
o Context of the report
o Purpose of the report
o Findings
o Conclusions
o Recommendations

- Introduction
o Background providing a context for the report
o Purpose of the report
o What the report will cover

- Body
o Grouping of synthesised Information under topics with subheadings
o Analyses and discussions of findings/issues

- Conclusion (No new ideas or discussions to be included in the conclusion)
o Summarising keys points of your discussions in the body of the report

- Recommendations (It depends on the topic questions that your group is to deal with)
o The suggestions that were raised in the report

- References
o A list of references used in the report

- Appendices
o Extra details that are too complex or technical to be included in the body of the report

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Reference no: EM13837839

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