Report on american express - marketing strategy
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Report on American Express - Marketing Strategy.

Credit Card industry was in boom before the recessionary phase but due to the long recession the industry suffered badly as consumer dint have strong condition to pay of the EMI of their home and could not meet their personal expenditure. In the last few month industries has shown improvement and it is expected that industry will again reach its peas sooner. 

Report Inhabits

  • Introduction
  • Product Application in Marketing
  • Key Drivers for Credit Cards
  • Consumer spending
  • Number of broadband connections
  • S&P 500 6
  • Per capita disposable income
  • Regulation
  • Role of Internet in marketing the product
  • Consumer Profile
  • Naming and Marketing the Product
  • Technological Advancement
  • Access to the latest available and most efficient technology and techniques
  • Low operating costs
  • Use of specialist equipment or facilities
  • Ability to effectively change community behaviour
  • Economies of scale
  • Comply with government regulations
  • Internal competition
  • External competition
  • American Express Card Details
  • Cutting-edge programs
  • Financial Performance
  • Blue Credit Card
  • Conclusion
  • References

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