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Determine a news report of a current outbreak or other health crisis (within a month) then search for a peer-reviewed scientific article on the same or closely related topic (does not have to be current). List similarities between the two situations and differences.

Reference no: EM1389670

Examine transcription, including such things as the location

examine transcription, including such things as the location in the cell, transcription signals, products, chemical details, and/or the amount of chromosome involved.

Explain the adaptations of the crabs

In 100 - 200 words concisely explain the adaptations of the crabs to the various abiotic factors in the inter-tidal zone in the mangrove ecosystem which include oxygen level

Frequency of the dominant allele for hitchhiker

If the frequency of the dominant allele for hitchhiker's thumb (T) is 70% in a population, what are the predicted genotype frequencies for that trait in that population?

Drilling for oil in the arctic is the remoteness

The reasons for not drilling for oil in the Arctic is the remoteness, I remember in the news a few years ago about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and how hard it was to c

What are sex-linked traits

What are sex-linked traits (Refer top176, Section 9.21) What are sex chromosomes (male? female?) (Refer top174, Section 9.20) Why do males exhibit sex-linked traits more often

Virtual lab-variation in plant life cycles

The life cycle of all plants is complex because it is characterized by alternation of generations. Plants alternate between diploid sporophyte and haploid gametophyte genera

Explain how promoter function was measured

Explain how promoter function was measured in the article "genetic analysis of the TBX1 gene promoter in ventricular septal defects" by Haihua wang, Dongfeng Chen, Liming Ma

What type of dispersion pattern is the fungus exhibiting

Explain the general pattern of alternation of generation in plants. Explore why the gametophyte has been reduced to a part (or parasite) of the sporophyte as plants have evolv


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