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Logistics and Supply Chain Management Assignment-

Individual Report: Developing a supply chain based on a case study

The Scenario:

The report will be divided into two sections: the supply chain section and a short open-ended discussion section. The supply chain section will involve students describing how to come up with a list of suppliers, how stock is to be ordered, how delivery arrangements are made, and how other relevant logistical information is integrated. The open-ended discussion will ask students to justify their decisions by using the course's readings and their own independent research. All research should be relevant to the case study.

Students will need to demonstrate they have an understanding of the following modules (by drawing on the modules' readings and ideas):

  • Introduction: Logistics and Supply Chain Management.
  • Inventory Management and Strategic Planning.
  • SCM in a Globalised World.
  • Sustainable Practice in SCM.
  • Managing Inventories: Part 1.
  • Supply Chain Management: The Impact of Information Technology.

Length: 1000 words

Reference no: EM131199349

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The background theory of supply chain and logistics will be discussed and students will have the opportunity to ask any questions they might have about such content. Students will also be clearly instructed on the practical skills and applications required to complete each task and the tutor of each class will be available to offer any further guidance.


9/9/2016 1:10:49 AM

Strictly 1000-1025 words and please note that I want to make this assignment based on *Dell* and please follow the other guidelines in the assignment they are very important. For this assessment, students will work individually to develop a supply chain for a firm. Need to draw on the readings and concepts, as well as additional information about the firm provided in the case study. Students will need to demonstrate that they understand the fundamentals of what’s involved in logistics and supply chain management. This report should stick to the format.

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