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Management: Leadership Functions, Motivation

1. You lead a team consisting of highly educated and trained doctors with expertise in highly specialized and unique areas. They all have high incomes, live in very affluent neighborhoods, and lead luxurious lifestyles. You receive word from your CEO that the deadline of a big project you have been working on has been pulled up. It is absolutely necessary that you to meet regularly over the next three weeks without a break. But Thanksgiving Day is next week and most of the team has already made plans to travel. What would you do to motivate the team to stay, be actively involved in the project, and complete the assignment on schedule? Substantiate your action plan with reasons.

2. You are the manager of a team of blue-collar workers who work long hours doing repetitive tasks that require minimal skills. Your duty is to motivate them to participate actively in a program to find ways to reduce and recycle waste produced in the department. Propose at least three actions you would take to insure this is successful. What do you think will be the repercussions of executing your plan? Suggest the three most important actions that you would take in the event of such repercussions.

Reference no: EM1342318

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