Reliance baking soda optimizing promotional spending
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Anna got the opportunity to handle as band director in Reliance baking soda  from Stewart's household division. Target set for her to achieve 10% profit increase during the financial year. She looks to implement various strategies and step, i.e. focusing on the advertising budget increment, surveys, polls. She also finds a way to reduce inventories, which have piled up earlier.

Reliance Baking Soda Case study: Optimizing Promotional Spending, prepare a 1000 Words report covering below mentioned topics.

  • Identification of Problem Statement and Issues:
  • The decision to be made
  • Stewart Corporation
  • Marketing Mix Considerations Distribution
  • Advertising
  • Limitations
  • Cause / Basis Analysis
  • Strength
  • Opportunities
  • Recommendation
  • Supply Chain flow
  • Trade promotion
  • Analysis of various options for Trade promotion 

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