Relevance of data mining in organizations

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1. Explain how databases help ensure that organizations can maintain data integrity?

2. Explain the importance of internal tools that are available within a DBMS. Please provide an example of one of these tools?

3. What is the relevance of data mining in organizations?

Reference no: EM131099924

Describe the classical method of determining probability

ACC 544 - What is the difference between a discrete probability distribution and a continuous probability distribution? Give your own example of each and describe the classic

Are given results consistent with the researchers claim

For 26 babies born in April the mean and standard deviation were 31.84 and 6.21 weeks, while for 44 October babies the mean and standard deviation of crawling ages were 33.3

When the r-square value is low the ci plots about

Calculate the confidence intervals about a regression line. My data is log transformed and has high R-square value for what is called "power" equation in Excel. My CI's are na

Short essay on ranked data

A common error is neglecting to get ranked data for some statistical processes. Why do we have to have ranked data? Give an example of where you would need ranked data.

Test concerning proportions

Twenty one out of 100 randomly selected women said they use seat belts, while 117 out of 180 men said the same. Test the claim that men are more safety conscious than women

Statistics solution manual openintro

Thanksgiving spending, Part II. Exercise 4.12 provides a 95% confidence interval for the average spending by American adults during the six-day period after Thanksgiving 2009:

Application of probability in battery life

Duracell Ltd claim that the life of their batteries in motorised soft toys is approximately normally distributed with a mean of 102.9 hours and a standard deviation of 16.5

Confidence level for true mean number of available hotels

Identify the point estimate of the average number of available hotel rooms in this lesson from each sample. Construct and Interpret a 95% confidence level for the true mean


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