Relative ignorance of transference sabotages

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What is transference and how does Freud's thinking about it evolve? WHy does he think his relative ignorance of transference sabotages his treatment of Dora? What does he mean when he later describes transference as "a peice of repitition"?

Reference no: EM13502731

Discuss how economic concerns and profitability

Discuss how economic concerns and "profitability" actually shape the structure and operations of not-for-profit enterprises. Is it possible to be really not for profit in a ca

Credentialing issues-member information

Can anyone explain each one and give the sites of each information and categories. Credentialing issues, Member information (for providers), Pre-authorization forms, Coverage

Identifying the interviewee

Successful interviews are results of completing pre-interview tasks, such as identifying the interviewee, doing research on the topic and interviewee, choosing a location or m

Small numbers of american female expatriates

What are the reasons for the small numbers of American female expatriates? What more can companies do to use women and minorities as a resource for international management?

Legislative structures and processes of britain

Write research paper comparing the executive and legislative structures and processes of Britain and the United States. These two countries represent the most powerful and s

What are the limitations of operant conditioning

The use of reward and punishment is an everyday human behavior. Which do you think is more effective for the child: reinforcement or punishment? What are the limitations of op

Compare the symbolic interaction theory and conflict theory

The question is from Sociology and it is clarify the symbolic interaction theory and conflict theory. While symbolic theory classifies people based on gender, race, religion

What are the salient managerial elements or subsystems

What leadership traits, competencies, and theories would be most appropriate for the ideal leader of your ideal agency? From a systems perspective, what is the organizational


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