Relationship between us dollar value and global gold market

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  1. Is there any relationship between U.S. dollar value and global gold market price? If so, can the U.S. Fed adjust money supply to control global gold market price? How? A reference link (URL) to an article which supports your answer will be a plus. 
  2. Bitcoin with blockchain technology is considered as a trend in transactions. Do you think the U.S. fed will issue its own crytocurrency in the future? Why or Why not? A reference link (URL) to an article which supports your answer will be a plus.
  3. If only one crytocurrency (e.g. Bitcoin) will be accepted and used globally (i.e. no central banks or federal banks exist), does it mean that no monetary policy can be applied to boost the economy? Your insightful answer is expected.

Reference no: EM132184375

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