Relationship between rem sleep versus non-rem sleep

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Before completing this activity, read To Sleep, No Doubt to Dream by Roger R. Hock. Hock reviews two important studies in sleep research. The first is a landmark study that reported the existence of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep in humans. You have probably seen REM sleep if you have a dog - if not, watch for the twitching of the eye lids and movement of the eyeballs! We now understand that sleep is not one uniform state - the electrical activity in the brain and other physiological markers change as we move through different stages of sleep. The second article Hock reviews demonstrates the importance of REM sleep. Indeed, if we are deprived of it (and of the dreaming that accompanies it), our brains will make up for it on subsequent nights by spending more time in REM sleep.


After you have read Hock's article, compose written responses to the following questions.

1. Describe some reasons why people in our society are more sleep deprived now than in your grandparents' generation.

2. Describe the evidence that shows the relationship between REM sleep versus non-REM sleep and dreaming.

3. What are some ways to ensure that you get an adequate amount of REM sleep specifically?

4. How could you design a study that would test whether REM sleep is important for learning?

5. Complete a one-week time management plan (this could be real or hypothetical) that would allow you sufficient sleeping and studying time in the week preceding a major assignment or exam. Include all of the other demands on your time, such as work, parenting, etc. in your weekly plan.

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Reference no: EM131104261

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