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1. What is a needs assessment, and how might Google use this tool to increase the presence of women in its workforce?

2. Some might argue that Google's "Made With Code" program has redefined the concept of employee devel-opment. Agree or disagree and provide an explanation supporting your position.

3. Explain how Google's particular situation demon-strates the relationship between employee recruitment and employee development, given the above discussion.

4. Explain how Google's "Made With Code" has become an integral part of its career planning.

5. How might the concepts of self-efficacy and reinforce-ment theory help us better understand schoolgirls' rela-tive lack of interest in computer science?

6. Assume that Google is ultimately successful and receives more female applicants, whom it then hires. What suggestions do you have for managing this new talent pool?

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Reference no: EM13857485

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