Relating rewards for performance

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Relating Rewards for Performance

Read the prompt and select A or B to describe your most recent position (or your future dream position). Describe and support your selection of A or B and the position.

Subsequently, answer the questions regarding your level of motivation given in the prompt.

A. Rewards (monetary and nonmonetary) were tied directly to one's level of performace mangerment attempted to discriminate between high and low performers and rewards accordingly.

B. Everyone within very broad, general categories recieved basically the same rewards; ones level of performance did not substatially afffect teh rewards recieved.

Depending on which situation you selected, what effect do you think it has on your level of motivation? If you selected situation A, basically how the system worked. If you selected situation B, what specicifec recommandations would you make to improve the performance-reward relationship?

Reference no: EM132234647

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