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The government, from the national level to the local level, plays an important role in how products are acquired, consumed, and disposed. Your textbook touches on how the government makes use of consumer behaviour, as well as the role of public policy-making organizations. For this assignment, think about the policies of the government on the acquiring, consuming, and disposing of products. Complete the following:

Select an aspect of your local community that you believe that the government, whether local or national, should act upon, or does act upon, in acquiring, consuming, or disposing of a product.

Assess and explain the consumer's role in this aspect as it relates to acquiring, consuming, or disposing of the product.

Does the government have any control or role in this aspect, currently? Explain the current level of control or role.

Should the government take a more active role or a less active role in this aspect? Assess the government's role and influence

Reference no: EM13757472

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