Relapse prevention models

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Provide a comparison (similarities and differences) of two relapse prevention models. Then, explain how each model might be applied in a substance abuse counseling setting, using specific examples.

Reference no: EM1359275

Can principles that worked in manufacturing really transfer

As health care looks at continuous improvement (as done in manufacturing), one of the most prominent questions that has arisen is, "Can the principles that worked in manufac

Describe sources of eustress and distress in the life

Define stress. Using your college experience, describe sources of eustress and distress in the life of a college student (include definitions and examples of daily hassles and

Write essay on cultural shock covering various aspects of it

The problem is belongs to Sociology and the problem clarify the writing an essay on the topic cultural shock. The concept of cultural shock has been examined in the essay.

Different levels and types of care

Health care systems around the world provide different levels and types of care, and are paid for in dramatically different ways. Choose a country other than the U.S. and re

Specific heat of gold

When a 50.0-g nugget of pure gold is heated from 35.0 degrees c to 50.0 degrees c,it absorbed 5200.0 j of energy.find the specific heat of gold.

Brief summary of his perspective on play

Choose one of the theorists mentioned in Chapter Eleven and provide a brief summary of his perspective on play. How would this translate on a practical level in the early c

Psychological aspect of female sexuality

Relate concepts from the psychological aspect of female sexuality to the attatched Vagina Monologue titled My Angry Vagina. This 4-page, APA-style writing assignment is intend

Identify the country where the law is enforced

Name the law, describe it as one from the bulleted list, and identify the country where the law is enforced (they may be laws that come from just one country, ie. all Americ


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