Regulatory programs concerning petroleum tanks
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Each question is worth 12.5 points. Submit it through blackboard. Remember this is an individual Assignment. If there is any evidence of violation of the honor code, it will result in an F for the course.

1. What are the regulatory programs concerning petroleum tanks? Give positives and negatives for both Underground and Above Ground Storage Tanks. Give examples of exemptions under the tank program for registration requirements.

2. An underground tank leak alarm has just sounded. How do you determine how much fuel has leaked, who do you alert, how do you start the clean-up process?

3. Because your tank has leaked and there is contamination, that contaminated dirt must be hauled away. What are requirements for drivers of hazardous waste/materials? Describe an inspection program of the truck. What type of manifest will the driver have you sign for this load?

4. Describe the differences between hazardous waste, non-hazardous waste (non-regulated waste), universal wastes are. Also describe what an RCRA Empty container is (what makes a container considered empty under RCRA). When describing hazardous waste include all of the waste characteristics e.g. ignitable.

5. The truck with your load of contaminated dirt is on the interstate roadway when there is an accident and the load spills onto the roadway and median. What responsibilities do you have as the "cradle-to-grave" shipper? What documents do you need to have ready for when a regulator inspects you because of the accident? Are you responsible for cleaning up the roadway mess?

6. Your company is not having a very good week. At another facility, you manufacture phosgene. Describe under EPCRA what you have to do to ensure that the surrounding community is safe. There has been a phosgene explosion. Go to the Emergency response Guidebook and determine how to fight the fire, evacuation distances, and protective clothing.

7. Because you manufacture phosgene, you are required to have HAZWOPER trained personnel. Describe what type of protection suit you should be training for. What types of field equipment will you need to determine if the scene is safe? Describe the training requirements, medical surveillance program and decontamination procedures.

8. In order to manufacture phosgene you had to have it approved under TSCA. Describe how a company gets approval from the EPA to manufacture and distribute their product.

9. Your company wants to purchase a piece of property for a new office building. Currently there is nothing on this property. As the Environmental Director, what advice should you give to your executives about any environmental considerations? What law(s) or programs within the EPA do you need to be considering?

10. The property that your company is considering purchasing used to be a gas station and still has the leaking tanks underground. What is your advice to your company? What options do they have?

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