Regulation of physiological processes experiment

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Regulation of germination
Regulation of Physiological Processes Experiment (Starch-agar plates, GA, ABA, and glucose pr sucrose)
Qs are related to theGA and Amylase lab

*How does the concentration of a hormone affect the physiological response and the presence of one hormone block alter the action of another?

*Does the concentration of sugaravailable to the embryo alter the hormone response andthe embryo it self have a hormone response that is different from the endosperm?

*Does salt or other stress activate theABA repose or Ca2+ incvolved in the reponse of the seed to ABA/

Reference no: EM13528773

How might drift prevent selection from acting

one of the basic tenets of evolution by natural selection is that evolution requires variation upon which selection acts. How might drift prevent selection from acting?

Describe a competition assay in general terms

Describe a competition assay in general terms (i.e. don’tdescribe a single example). Explain how the pace of the SAnode can be modulated by nerves, hormones, body temperature

Which part of the light spectrum

Not all light wavelengths penetrate equally in water. Consequently, plants that live relatively deep in the sea have leaves that look reddish when brought to the surface.

Clearly indicate the hydrogen bonds

diagram a G-C basepair as present in double stranded DNA.Properly number all C and N atoms in the rings.Clearly indicate the hydrogen bonds and properly orient the pentose s

What phenotypes willappear in what ratios

In Drosophila, the production of red eye pigment requires theautosomal dominant allele A. The dominant allele P of a second unlinked autosomal geneturns the pigmented eye to

Define effective population size

Define effective population size (1). Give two possible biological reasons for why the effective size of a population might differ from its census size (2). Explain the kind

Discuss how the body works to recognize your own cells

Describe how and why both types of adaptive immunity can cause problems with organ transplantation. Discuss how the body works to recognize your own cells and to differentiate

Alternation of generations

John Thompson wishes to start his own horticulture business. He has no experience with owning his own business and doesn't know where to start. and discuss and define  the Alt


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