Regulating eukaryotic gene expression

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One way of regulating eukaryotic gene expression is to control the life time of the messenger RNA. mRNA degradation occurs by different mechanisms. Briefly describe the miRNA (microRNA) pathway that leads to mRNA degradation.

Reference no: EM13526801

Biostatistics basics

List another common type of bias that can takes place in this type of study. Is it likely to have influenced the results here? Explain your reasoning briefly.

Describe the type of hypersensitivity reaction

Describe the type of hypersensitivity reaction that has occurred and discuss the molecular pathophysiology of the specific type of hypersensitive reaction you have chosen.In t

Explain why the disynaptic circuit is necessary

Why there are two neurons in the autonomic system efferent pathway when there is only one in the somatic efferent pathway. Explain why the disynaptic circuit is necessary.

Discuss your understanding of dna fingerprinting technology

discuss your understanding of DNA fingerprinting technology. Next debate whether or not you would submit your DNA to a national DNA fingerprint database. Justify your respon

Completed the product vs. temperature experiment

Please provide two reasonable explanations for the observed data. B) If these data are, in fact from a temperature assay, would you suspect that the tubes had enzyme added t

Get the wild-type phenotype

A certain trait is affected by four genes. At least one dominant allele for each gene is required to get the wild-type phenotype. if you cross AaBbCcDD x aaBbCcDD and obtain

Homogametic and heterogametic sexesare the reverse

A new recessive mutation in chickens that causes feather loss from the wings is being investigated. Describe the expected progeny phenotypes from a cross between a hen with

Cellular respiration occurs in both plants and animals cells

Cellular respiration occurs in both plants and animals cells while photosynthesis only occurs in plant cells.  How are plants and animals connected via these two processes?  B


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