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1) In the nature via nurture issue, nature refers to __________.

A. pollination 
B. conception 
C. heredity 
D. environment 

2) The period during which women stop menstruating and are no longer fertile is known as __________.

A. menarche 
B. midlife 
C. menopause 
D. atrophy 

3) __________ is the idea that an individual's behavior was due to reasons beyond an individual's willing control.

A. universal choice 
B. determinism 
C. free will 
D. motivation 

4) __________ is the period at which maturation of the sexual organs occurs.

A. Childhood 
B. Adolescence 
C. Puberty 
D. Adulthood 

5) __________ disease is a progressive brain disorder that leads to a gradual and irreversible decline in cognitive abilities.

A. Hodgkin's 
B. Parkinson's 
C. Alzheimer's 
D. Diabetes 

6) Which of the following is not true regarding social development?

A. Social developmental transitions are qualitative 
B. During this period people begin to envision life goals and career paths 
C. People in their early forties may question their accomplishments 
D. During this period people launch themselves into marriage and families 

7) Almost ___ percent of all family households are now headed by one parent, compared with 13 percent in 1970.

A. 35 
B. 40 
C. 20 
D. 25 

8) __________ intelligence, which is based on the accumulation of information, skills, and strategies learned through experience, remains steady and in some cases actually improves.

A. Fluid 
B. Crystallized 
C. Deep 
D. Conscious 

9) The __________ approach to the nature-nurture issues states that it is a combination of both environment and heredity that influence development.

A. structured 
B. developmental 
C. biological 
D. interactionist 

10) According to __________, people pass through a three-level sequence of moral judgment and reasoning in a fixed order.

A. Erik Erikson 
B. Lawrence Kohlberg 
C. Sigmund Freud 
D. Jean Piaget 

11 __________ therapy relies on drugs and medical procedures to improve psychological functioning.

A. Humanistic 
B. psychodynamic 
C. Psycho 
D. Biomedical 

12) The set of skills that underlie the accurate assessment, evaluation, expression, and regulation of emotions is known as __________ intelligence.

A. practical 
B. emotional 
C. traditional 
D. multiple 

13) A method of gathering data about people by asking them questions about a sample of their behavior is known as a(n) __________ measure.

A. psychological 
B. emotional 
C. self-report 
D. cognitive 

14) __________ disorders are psychological difficulties that take on a physical form, but for which there is no medical cause.

A. Obsessive-Compulsive 
B. Conversion 
C. Generalized Anxiety 
D. Somatoform 

15) Throughout human history, abnormal behavior was linked to:

A. poor upbringing 
B. the use of drugs and alcohol 
C. Chemical imbalance and hormones 
D. superstition and witchcraft 

16) A measure of the degree to which a characteristic is related to genetic, inherited factors is known as __________.

A. heritability 
B. cognitions 
C. culture-fair 
D. genetics 

17) The belief in one's personal capabilities, leads to higher aspirations and greater persistence is known as __________.

A. self-efficacy 
B. self-esteem 
C. self-fulfilling prophecy 
D. self-actualization 

18) Behavior that causes people to experience distress and prevents them from functioning in their daily lives is known as __________.

A. anxiety 
B. fear 
C. psychological disturbance 
D. abnormal behavior 

19) The accumulation of information, skills, and strategies that are learned through experience and can be applied in problem-solving situations is known as __________ intelligence.

A. crystallized 
B. cognitive 
C. fluid 
D. emotional 

20) Standard measures devised to assess behavior objectively; used by psychologists to help people make decisions about their lives and understand more about themselves, are called __________.

A. validity 
B. psychological tests 
C. reliability 
D. standard deviations 

21) The conflict that occurs when a person holds two contradictory attitudes or thoughts is called __________.

A. attitude conflict 
B. behavioral dissonance 
C. behavior conflict 
D. cognitive dissonance 

22) A mutual network of caring, interested others is known as __________ support.

A. Moral 
B. Group 
C. Social 
D. Collective 

23) In this type of coping, people try to manage their emotions by changing the way they feel about or perceive a problem.

A. Emotion-focused coping 
B. Learned helplessness 
C. Problem-focused coping 
D. Avoidant coping 

24) A state of intense absorption in someone that includes intense physiological arousal, psychological interest, and caring for the needs of another is called __________ love.

A. compassionate 
B. romantic 
C. passionate 
D. endless 

25) The theory of personality that seeks to explain how we decide, on the basis of samples of an individual's behavior, what the specific causes of that person's behavior are is known as __________ theory.

A. attribution 
B. cause 
C. situational 
D. dispositional 

26) A phenomenon in which victims of major catastrophes or strong personal stressors feel long-lasting effects that may include re-experiencing the event in vivid flashbacks or dreams is called __________.

A. cataclysmic stressors 
B. background stressors 
C. post-traumatic stress disorder 
D. personal stressors 

27) The Implicit Association Test (IAT) measures __________, and permits a more accurate assessment of people's attitudes towards members of different groups.

A. discrimination 
B. prejudice 
C. social roles 
D. stereotypes 

28) A negative (or positive) evaluation of a particular group and its members is called a __________.

A. stereotype 
B. prejudice 
C. discrimination 
D. social role 

29) A set of generalized beliefs and expectations about a particular group and its members is known as a __________.

A. stereotype 
B. discrimination 
C. social role 
D. prejudice 

30) The scientific study of how people's thoughts, feelings, and actions are affected by others is called __________ psychology.

A. social 
B. behavioral 
C. psychodynamic 
D. humanistic  

Reference no: EM13207953

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