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You’ve just graduated from college and have been offered your first “real” job at StuffMart! The HR department asks you to come in 1 week before your start date to fill out paperwork, authorize a background check, etc. You arrive to find a stack of papers and forms and start completing them when you come across a form entitled “Social Media Policies." Much to your surprise, the form contains blanks for you to fill in your login ID and passwords for all social media sites that you use (like Twitter and Facebook). Under these lines, the form explains that as an employee of StuffMart, you authorize the company to monitor your social media, authorize the company to have access to your login/passwords, and expressly agree that you will not post any negative or derogatory statements about StuffMart or its employees on any social media site.

Discuss what legal issues are presented here and whether you do or don't have a constitutional basis to refuse to comply with StuffMart’s Social Media Policies. The post should be a minimum 2 paragraphs and incorporate 2 different terms/phrases from this week's constitutional reading (in all CAPS).

Reference no: EM131283256

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