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Fewer American doctors are treating patients enrolled in the Medicare health program for seniors, reflecting frustration with its payment rates and pushback against mounting rules, according to health experts - just as millions of Americans are poised to gain access to such coverage under the new health law next year. Some Americans may have difficulty finding doctors who will take their new benefits or have long waits for appointments with those who do. Some experts attribute the rise in defections to Medicare payment rates that haven't kept pace with inflation and the threat of more cuts to come. Under a budgetary formula enacted by Contress in 1997, physicians could see Medicare reimbursements slashed by 25% in 2014 unless Congress intervenes to delay the cuts, which it has done several times. Show the effects on Medicare patients. Hint: Note that some patients may have trouble finding doctors. Show the shift of supply and/or demand curves and explain why the curve(s) shifted.

Reference no: EM13992105

How does an organization promote innovation

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Identify a company that is no longer in business. What critical data within this organization may have contributed to its downfall? Was this a business of which you were a cus

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Sociology is not simply a neutral method making it possible to develop an instrumental knowledge about society; it is part of society. According to the argument laid out in

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Disheveled and appears homeless

You are working a second job at Publix, a large grocery store. While on duty, you witness someone steal food right in front of you. The person is disheveled and appears homele

Their contract was void

Brian, a used car dealer, entered into a written agreement to sell a car to Rebecca, a sixteen year old high school junior. The agreement provided that Brian would replace any

Operations management is the lean approach

In operations management, as in life, a balanced approach is often the best policy. One of the best examples of the benefits of this in operations management is the lean appro


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