Reducing the energy content of seal by half influence

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Prey Energy (KJ/individual) // Handling time (hr) // Search time (hr)
Ringed seal 10,000 // 4 // 2
Young walrus 15,000 // 8 // 12
Reindeer 1,000 // 1 // 1

(a) If presented with the three prey items shown above (no search time necessary), which should the polar bear eat? Show this mathematically.

(b) While searching for walrus, a polar bear encounters a reindeer. Should it capture and ear the reindeer or continue to search for walrus? Show this mathematically.

(c) How would reducing the energy content of seal by half (to 5,000kJ ) influence the decision whether the polar bear should capture and eat the reindeer (no serch time) or continue searching for a seal? Show this mathematically.


Reference no: EM1394997

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