Reduce unemployment to an acceptable level

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Discuss ANY THREE (3) measures that have been used to reduce unemployment in South Africa in the last decade. Recommend the curse of action which you think the government should take to reduce unemployment to an acceptable level.

Reference no: EM131273961

Most important concepts in management

What are the three most important concepts in management - Imagine that you are a manager with a staff of supervisors who are preparing to take a management course.

How would you define the organization culture of cintas

How would you define the organization culture of Cintas? Is it an environment where you would enjoy working?  Using the Competing Values Framework, what type of cultu

What are the contingencies in sample job offer

Why is it so important to outline all elements and facets of the position and total benefits package? Explain.  What are the contingencies in sample job offer? Explain their i

If you were the new ceo at google what would you do

Founded in 1998, Google just had its most dominant year, with its search market share rising from 77 percent to 83 percent and revenues jumping 25 percent. Because most of t

What are the strategies or goals of your company

What are the strategies/goals of your company and how does your selected process support/fit them? Who are the stakeholders in the process, what are their expectations, and wh

Example from automobile industry in indian market

Let me take an example from automobile industry in Indian market. It's known the competition is intense, and all players except Suzuki are making lot of efforts to increase ma

Analysis of suitability of e-business venture

Conduct the analysis using the information on the organisation as well as the country you have been assigned. This analysis should be performed using the following technique

Are satisfied workers productive workers

Are Satisfied Workers Productive Workers? Consider you are new to your job and on the first day you have a conversation with your boss, who says,


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