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1. It is better to hold inventory earlier in the process (vs. later in the process) if one is trying to reduce inventory investment costs.



2. By keeping production capacity use at a steady level, we dampen the reaction waves that normally occur in response to schedule variations.



3. Lean production is designed to add to inventories so that workers do not need to be concerned that they cannot achieve high productivity.



4. Analyze each of the following jobs and determine whether you think the pay in the Us should be for these jobs should emphasize base pay or incentive pay. Explain why using your personal experiences or current events.

a. An accountant at a manufacturing company.

b. A salesperson for a retail company.

c. A CEO.

d. A physician at a hospital.

5. In lean supply chains, which of the following is not consistent with this concept as stated in the textbook?

Lean customers

Lean procurement

Lean warehousing

Lean logistics

Lean management

Reference no: EM132184492

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