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1. Recreate the Communication Recommendation slide following C.R.A.P. (consistency, repetition, alignment, and proximity;

2. Recreate the Trader Joe's slide (You may substitute a similar or improved photo).

Post your slides with a brief summary of the slide and the changes and/or improvements you made. The two visual design to be modified

Reference no: EM132234065

Compute seasonal index for four quarters.

Small Wonder, an amusement park, experiences seasonal attendance. It has collected 2 years of quarterly attendance and made a forecast of annual attendance for coming year.

Categories for argentina-uruguay and bolivia

Please research on the following categories for Argentina, Uruguay, and Bolivia: population, cultures, economy, education, political risk, natural resources, technological res

Would the alternative of doing nothing be best

Refer to Problems 1 and 2. Construct a graph that will enable you to perform sensitivity analysis on the problem. Over what range of P (high) would the alternative of doing

What are the infrastructural challenges for m-commerce

What are the advantages and disadvantages of collaborative planning? Can you also tell me the kinds of events in collaborative commerce that are really un-plannable? What are

Many people are so frightened by globalization

Please answer the following question in at least two paragraphs: Why do you think many people are so frightened by globalization? Based on what is occurring in the world today

Significant impact on the members of the project team

Project closing can have a significant impact on the members of the project team. Describe the approach you would take to address the needs of your team members during this di

Nuclear and explosive weapons of mass destruction

In an essay examine the attack by Aum Shinrikyo on the transportation system in Japan. In this assignment, relate the threat of this type of attack with the risk management pe

Sharing costs and sharing risks

The new world of employee benefits is best described as “sharing costs, sharing risks.” Discuss the impact of that philosophy on the broad areas of health care and pensions.


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