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G.C Company was awarded a contract to construct an interchange at the junction of U.S. 94 and highway 30 at a total contract price of $4000000. the estimated total costs to complete the project were 3000000.

a) Record construction costs of 1800000 on construction in process to date.

b) Record progress billings of $ 1000000

c) Record the recognition of profit that can be recognized to date, on a percentage of completion basis.

Reference no: EM13155481

The organizational culture encourages employees

What message does it send when the organizational culture encourages employees to view mistakes/ problems as opportunities for improvement rather than reasons to blame or pu

Net cash low attributable toasset purchase in each year

In 2012, Firm A paid $50,000 cash to purchase a tangible business asset. In 2012 and 2013, it deducted $3,140 and $7,200 depreciation with respect to the asset. Firm A's margi

Prepare a capital budget analysis

Based on the Inputs below, prepare a Capital Budget Analysis for this Base Case using the Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return, Profitability Index and Payback in year's

Estimate a cost formula for power cost.

Prepare a scattergraph by plotting ingots processed and power cost on a graph. Draw a straight line though the two data points that correspond to the high and low levels of

Manufactures multiple types of products

(ABC; decision making) Casito Corp. manufactures multiple types of products; however, most of the company's sales are from Product #347 and Product #658. Product #347 has be

Discuss the business activities of the organisation

HA2042 - ACCOUNTING INFORMATION SYSTEMS - What a Baker does? Discuss the business activities/processes of the organisation to show your understanding about the business and

Tradtional approaches to performance measurement

How does the balance scorecard approach differ from tradtional approaches to performance measurement? What, if anything, distinguishes the Balance scorecard approach from a

Compute the book value per share

The balance sheet for Jimenez Inc. shows the following: total paid-in capital and retained earnings $870,000, total stockholders' equity $810,000, common stock issued 44,000


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