Record the present-value factor at 10%
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Cost of Owning and Cost of Leasing
Using the appropriate table from the Chapter 12 Appendices, record the present-value factor at 10% for each year and compute the present-value cost of owning and the present value of leasing. Which alternative is more desirable at this interest rate? Do you think your answer would change if the interest rate was 6% instead of 10%?
Assignment Exercise 21-2:
Summarize the costs to the practice of owning a system (per Doctor Smith) versus leasing (per Doctor Brown). Include a computation of comparative present value. (Refer to Assignment 21-1 for setting up a comparative present-value table.)
Assignment Exercise 21-3:
How much more information should Rob have before he begins to make any calculations? Make a list. Which alternative do you believe would be best? Give your reasons. 

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