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Trip Garage, Inc. (459 Ellis Avenue, Harrisburg, PA 17111), is an accrual basis taxpayer that repairs automobiles. In late December 2015, the company repaired Samuel Mosley's car and charged him $1,000. Samuel did not think the prob- lem had been fixed and refused to pay; thus, Trip refused to release the automobile. In early January 2016, Trip made a few adjustments and convinced Samuel that the automobile was working properly. At that time, Samuel agreed to pay only $900 because he did not have the use of the car for a week. Trip said "fine," accepted the $900, and released the automobile to Samuel. An IRS agent thinks Trip, as an accrual basis taxpayer, should report $1,000 of income in 2015, when the work was done, and then deduct a $100 loss in 2016. Prepare a memo to Susan Apple, the treasurer of Trip, with the recommended treatment for the disputed income.

Reference no: EM13987719

Capital markets research in accounting.

an application question which is about "capital markets research" in accounting. "Marcus Padley, a stockbroker, made the following statements in an article in The Sydney Morn

Probability that a simple random sample

For a random variable that is normally distributed, with µ, 5 80 and a 5 10, determine the probability that a simple random sample of 25 items will have a mean that is

Prepare journal entry to record the issuance of the bond

Pueblo Company issued $300,000 of 5-year, 8% bonds at 98 on January 1, 2014. The bonds pay interest twice a year. Prepare the journal entry to record the issuance of the bonds

Calculate the following values for both firm u and firm l

If required return on assets, r, for these firms is 12.5% and the risk free debt yields 5%, calculate the following values for both firm U and firm L. (1) total firm value, (2

What costs are relevant for making decisions

The president of North Short Railroad wants to obtain an overview of the company's operations, particularly with respect to comparing freight and passenger business.

What is the amount of adoption credit they can claim

jesus and mindy whose modified AGI is 200,000 adopted a girl from Miami florida and incurred a total of 18,000 in qualified adoption expenses what is the amount of adoption

More collusion post sarbanes oxley act

Since the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, fraud from lack of internal controls has gone down. At the same time, collusion between employees and among third parties has increased

Compare the capital structure ratios for avon hospital

Ratio analysis. Compare the capital structure ratios for Avon Hospital against industry benchmarks. Note that during this time period, Avon has refinanced its fixed rate deb


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