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Your Business Case: You are an eager new networking consultant, and a school district has hired you for your first consulting job.

Currently, the district has no links between its buildings. School personnel share files by transferring CDs and diskettes between the buildings. The district is putting in new school management software for student and financial records. The software requires that the buildings be networked together.

That district has a grade school, junior high, and high school. The grade school and the junior high are smaller buildings on the same plot of land but they are in separate buildings about 50 yards apart. The high school is newer and larger; it is several miles away on the other side of town.

The school district has thirty teachers, three principals, three administrative assistants, fifteen staff members, and 500 students.

Security is always an issue. The school offers courses in computer science at the high school. The principal is concerned that the students will be tempted to hack into the school management software. The superintendent requests a security plan to help prevent student hackers from accessing the school management software. Also, the superintendent has a vague worry about students accessing pornography on the Internet. The district would like to know if you can configure routers and/or switches to prevent this. Or, is extra equipment or software needed to prevent students from accessing pornography from school computers?

The school superintendent bought some equipment and then realized that no one knew how to make it work. The equipment includes one 2600 series router, two 2500 series routers, and six 1900 series switches.

Your mission: Design a network to connect the three buildings and recommend security features for this network. You will plan your solution step by step, and then present your overall design to your client.

Milestone: The previous milestone in a Word document, formatted nicely. Plus, a new page with a more detailed diagram of the network. Be sure to include all of the information about IP addresses, subnets, and subnet masks.

A good detailed design adds to the general design diagram. Be sure to add the following:

1. The overall network address and subnet mask.

2. The addresses of the subnets.

3. IP addresses for hosts and router interfaces.

Be sure that the diagram is still easy to read even though it contains more information than the general design! Please copy your diagram into the Word document that contains Milestone 1, also. Then, submit that document to your instructor.


For this week's discussion forum, discuss one of the following questions:

- Layer 2 switches work at a simple level for communication and switching. With technology advancing and routers being able to make more complex decisions, why is this method still used?

- At layer 2, there are three switching functions that can be performed. List and explain them and then give your feelings on which one is most efficient in its duties and discuss why.

- STP is good at what it does, according to the book. Is it necessary? Would a system using Layer 2 switching still work without it?

Read all postings and respond to at least two. Remember that earlier postings are much appreciated - your fellow students need time to read your posting and respond to it. Your answer should be well thought out (showing that you have engaged in some critical thinking about the subject matter) and be at the very least, 2 substantial paragraphs in content. Be sure to cite your sources. It is very important to be prepared to support your position. Failure to do so will result in a zero grade for your assignment.

Please note that Wikipedia is not a credible cited source. Feel free to go to Wikipedia to look up general information about your topic but no direct material listing "Wikipedia" as the source will be accepted.

One additional note of caution: Do not cut and paste directly from the Internet to the discussion forum. That is plagiarism, and, as a minimum, you will receive a grade of zero for the discussion assignment. Instead, summarize what you find in your own words. Remember to properly cite your sources. Read all postings and respond to at least two for minimal credit. These postings are due by the end of the academic week to get credit.

Again, "Wikepedia" and "My Personal experience" are not acceptable in this class as credible cited sources.

Assignment - Semester Project - Milestone

Begin working on Milestone 2 of your Semester Project. This milestone will be due at the end of Week 8. It includes the IP addressing information that you need for your draft diagram you handed in earlier. You can access the detailed instructions for this milestone by clicking on the Semester Project button on the left-hand side of your course. Post any problems you are having to this week's discussion forum.

You will be submitting your diagram as an attached Word document.

Reference no: EM131034789

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