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You have been hired by a large restaurant called Habibi's. Habibi's has a small network of 20 client workstations and a Windows Server 2003. Seven those workstations are inside the restaurant and are used by the table servers to place customer orders.

Three of the workstations are used by the owner and the management staff, and the rest are in the kitchen for the chef's staff.

During Phase Two of this project, your tasks are as follows:

The owner and management staff use portable computers to connect to the network. Is there a way for them to take files from certain folders to work on at home them easily update their work on the server the next day? If so, how?

The owner has heard that hard drives can fail at times and he is worried that if the drive on the server fails the restaurant operations will come to a halt. Recommend a fault tolerance method to put the owner's mind at ease.

The Chef is extremely worried about loosing his secret recipes; therefore he would like his recipes to be backed up every night. Recommend a removable storage backup for Habibi's server.

Managers want to be able to print schedules on any printer at any restaurant even if traveling and in a motel with a laptop. Please explain what you would have to do to allow managers to do this and how they would reference the printer.

Reference no: EM13952382

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