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Randy's tireland makes a product that sells for $74 per unit and has $51 per unit in variable costs. Annual fixed costs are $24,000. If Rambles sells 10 units less than breakeven, how much loss would the company recognize on its income statement? (As the question asks "how much loss" you don't have to put the negative sign. For example, suppose the loss is 100, then write the answer as 100 rather than -100.)

Reference no: EM132185071

Are there conflicts of interest in the given deal

Are there conflicts of interest in this deal? If yes, will they help or hurt the deal? Are there real potential synergies in this merger? Will this deal create value for the s

Find the heat added to the fluid

A liquid is heated in a vertical tube of constant diameter, 15 m long. The flow is upward. At the entrance the average velocity is 1 m/s, the pressure 340,000 Pa, and the de

Explain five categories of external risk assessment

Question 1: What are some non-government organizations, and do they have the same international human resource management issues? Question 2: List and explain five categorie

How the board should be involved in the financial processes

Post your analysis of the role of a governing board with regard to the financial management accounting processes. Explain where and how the board should be involved in these

What is the expected return on the market portfolio

Suppose the yield on short-term government securities (perceived to be risk-free) is about 3%. Suppose also that the expected return required by the market for a portfolio w

How high would inflation have to be in order for the balance

How high would inflation have to be in order for the balance of your loan to only be worth a real $50,000, expressed in today's dollars, at the end of 5 years? Express your

Find the duration, modified duration, and convexity of bond

Below are details of a semiannual bond. Please show work in Excel spreadsheet. Par value = 1000; Maturity 4 years; Market rate if interest (yield to Maturity) = 11% per annum;

Determining the futures contract

Yesterday, you entered into a futures contract to buy €125,000 at $1.14 per €. Suppose the futures price closes today at $1.135. How much have you made/lost in your futures


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