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1. Recognize two jobs which would be appropriate match to numerous or all of your top 5 strengths. For each job you recognize, describe why/how that job is suited to top strengths. Be particular about job and, if suitable, the industry. (Saying "Supervisor" is inadequate; rather, you could say "line supervisor in manufacturing plant").

In answering this question, make sure that you recognize jobs which are logically linked to strengths. Do not simply recognize jobs which you have already assumed are appropriate or are related with your present program of study (although you may include these if they are logically connected to strengths). It is OK if you recognize the job or kind of work which you have not thought of before or may not intend to pursue. What is significant here is that job/work you recognize is connected to the strengths.

2. Recognize someone who knows you well - ideally someone who has more work and life experience than you (like, a parent, aunt/uncle, a mentor), though friend would suffice. Illustrate that person your top five signature strengths and permit him or her to read answer to Question 1. Then ask him or her to (i) give feedback on whether these choices make sense in light of strengths; and (ii) recommend other jobs, besides those you identified, which may suit your top strengths.

Reference no: EM1393713

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