Recently you have been appointed as marketing director

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Recently, you have been appointed as Marketing Director for a start-up company (a franchisee model can also be considered). Your CEO asked you to plan a marketing strategy and its activities for the whole year.

Based on the sample provided in the class, prepare a marketing plan for your company using the following outlines:

1.            Company description

2.            Business mission

3.            Marketing objectives (Important Note: Measurable)

4.            Situation analysis

  • Industry analysis
  • SWOT Analysis (Important Note: SW = Internal, OT = External)

5.            Marketing strategy

  • Target market strategy
  • Marketing mix (4Ps)

6.            Implementation, evaluation and control

  • Marketing research
  • Organisational structure and plan
  • Financial projections
  • Implementation timetable (Important note: Use Gantt chart and include key marketing activities as well)

7.            Conclusions

Reference no: EM13683094

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