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Some Washington State legislators have recently proposed a required "bystander" rule so that people who come upon a person in distress would be required to assist that person, or have a criminal charge imposed. Do you think the State of Washington should pass a rule requiring bystanders to help other people in distress? Why or why not?

Reference no: EM131270672

Salient for the electric vehicle segment of the car industry

Which PESTEL factors are the most salient for the electric vehicle segment of the car industry? Do you see a future for electric vehicles in the United States? Why or why not?

Identify nontraditional business event

Identify a nontraditional business event, such as forecasting demand for t-shirts following the Super Bowl, or the amount of relief aid needed following an earthquake. What do

Another technology that revolutionized western society

In exploring another technology that revolutionized Western society, take a moment to consider the invention of the bicycle. Although now considered a piece of equipment used

Imagine the worst possible reports from a system

Imagine the worst possible reports from a system. What is wrong with them? List as many problems as you can. What are the consequences of such reports? What could go wrong a

Result of a higher-quality product

An electronics firm is currently manufacturing an item that has a variable cost of $0.45 per unit and a selling price of $1.05 per unit. Fixed costs are$15,000 per month. Curr

What do you think seem to be the most pressing issues

What do you think seem to be the most pressing issues for organizations today? Based on the history of OD presented, do you think the field is poised to respond appropriately

Learning activity-what leaders really do

John Kotter in his article “What Leaders Really Do" makes the following statement " Managers promote stability while Leaders press for change, and only organizations that embr

Ethnicity and psychographics make difference

Do women of different income levels, ethnicity, and psychographics make a difference? In other words, does a 39 nine year old soccer mom think and act differently than a 39 ye


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